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Brain drain

Deputed to a new mission

Spirit soars to impress and inspire

Learn and experience

Agree yet differ

Please yet remain skeptical

Get exhausted and yet savor

Be incisive and prudent

And thus sanguinity amplifies

So much so that

The institution

Chooses to

Inaptly bust you to inactivity,

Deprive you of sustenance,

Impede your plausible evolution,

And make you feel

Marooned on an isle

Left to speculate the probabilities of

Going home!

Posted at 11:04 am by saratha
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Cakes and codes

Some fagged out soul who probably got bored with programming codes, came up with the bright idea of ‘celebrating’ birthdays in its real sense. The initiative transpired on the very next day with our PM celebrating his birthday amongst his colleagues, blowing away the candles amidst a loud roar and cutting the cake. This takes me back to my AU days where a tradition no different from this was carried on for all the folks in the class. It was indeed exhilarating to get together at the end of the class for the celebration and the birthdays were of course at long intervals that probably made it a little exciting as well.

But now, to imagine that almost 90 people are yet to pass through this festivity, with mails being sent out, sodexhos collected, cakes and roses ordered, balloons blown and the birthday song echoing through the floor bearing 90 staff personnel…oh boy!

If birthdays are conditioned to having surprises and gifts, why not spring a surprise on the honorable birthday-baby by not bestowing the customary surprises (an oxymoron??)?

Posted at 11:02 pm by saratha
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The arty domain


Our most precious ability, the knack of creation, is also our most fleeting resource.

 (Walter Mosley)

 Writing is categorically an art by itself. From copy writing to technical writing, business writing to report writing, every form, I suppose, needs some amount of compromise on your discrete mode of writing. Although there are no golden rules that one has to adhere to while exercising these kinds of writing, one is forced to relinquish the idiosyncratic treatment of language so as to serve the purpose of the form.  And more often than not it entails a deliberate conscious effort to resist your distinctive vogue of approach to the language. Yet I do understand that these are tendencies and not absolute laws.

   Rummaging through scores of books that tutor on how to write creatively, persuasively, technically, sensibly (!) etc., I construe, would make a conformist of one, endangering the creative inhibitions in him/her. On a parallel note, the act is something akin to reading books that prescribe ‘How to cure depression in seven days, how to be optimistic and cheerful, magic formula to overcome depression, etc.’ For sure, you will not want to refer a book to ascertain how to live your life, would you?

   Involved in an assortment of writing assignments, of late, I have somehow learnt to control my predilections (for a specific form and approach to the content) and reserve them for another, the practice of which seems to substantially trace a logical extension to my ‘write career’.

  And now for a related gossip, am beginning my ‘write career’ as content writer 


Posted at 02:15 pm by saratha
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