Entry: Cakes and codes 11/16/2005

Some fagged out soul who probably got bored with programming codes, came up with the bright idea of ‘celebrating’ birthdays in its real sense. The initiative transpired on the very next day with our PM celebrating his birthday amongst his colleagues, blowing away the candles amidst a loud roar and cutting the cake. This takes me back to my AU days where a tradition no different from this was carried on for all the folks in the class. It was indeed exhilarating to get together at the end of the class for the celebration and the birthdays were of course at long intervals that probably made it a little exciting as well.

But now, to imagine that almost 90 people are yet to pass through this festivity, with mails being sent out, sodexhos collected, cakes and roses ordered, balloons blown and the birthday song echoing through the floor bearing 90 staff personnel…oh boy!

If birthdays are conditioned to having surprises and gifts, why not spring a surprise on the honorable birthday-baby by not bestowing the customary surprises (an oxymoron??)?


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